The Usual Suspects Collective / Vulturedog Shiraz Tempranillo

Vulturedog Shiraz Tempranillo

2018 / Shiraz Tempranillo / South Australia
MADE BY:Phil Lehmann

​The rare and mystical Vulturedog shared high intelligence with its distant canine cousins, but proved a little harder to domesticate due to its ability to fly. It had a voracious and annoying appetite for leftovers (hence the term ‘doggy bag’) but tragically became extinct just before the advent of road-kill, which would have seen it flourish in the modern environment.​ In the same way that nature has taken the best of these creatures to perfect the Vulturedog, the generous soft middle palate of Shiraz is blended with the savoury elements and tannin structure of Tempranillo to make a full flavoured yet eminently drinkable red. Blending not only makes more interesting creatures, it also makes better wine.