The Usual Suspects Collective / Porcupotamus Pinot Noir Shiraz

Porcupotamus Pinot Noir Shiraz

2021 / Pinot Noir Shiraz / South Australia

Native to the northern Australian hinterland, the Porcupotamus was an awe-inspiring creature for local inhabitants. It weighed upwards of 800kg, could reach speeds of up to 40km/h in a straight line and it had impressive 5 inch l​ong defensive quills. It was highly intelligent and aggressively territorial, but thankfull remained a strict vegetarian like Brigitte Bardot and its Hippo an Porcupine ancestors. In the same way that nature has taken the best of these creatures to perfect the Porcupotamus, this wine takes the classic fl​avour profile expected of the Pinot Noir grape variety but with a tad more body to the mid palate from the Shiraz, to make an elegant and gorgeously flavoured red wine. Blending not only makes more interesting creatures, it also makes better wine.