The Usual Suspects Collective / Jimi’s Ferment – Fumé Blanc

Jimi’s Ferment – Fumé Blanc

2020 / Fumé Blanc / Limestone Coast
WINE SERIES:Limited Releases
MADE BY:James Lienert

The style of this Sauvignon Blanc was modelled on the classic Sancerre style of the Loire Valley, as the Kongorong vineyard from
which the grapes come from, has a similar cool climate and very rocky flinty shallow soil. Juice was taken off the main tank after a light pressing, then put into an open fermenter as we would normally do for a red ferment. It was fermented extremely oxidatively in accordance with the “techniques” passed on to me by our French backpacker cellar hands (they may well have been messing with me) – Jimi Lienert, Winemaker.