The Usual Suspects Collective / Hippocrocopig Cabernet Mataro Aragonez

Hippocrocopig Cabernet Mataro Aragonez

2018 / Cabernet Mataro Tempranillo / South Australia
MADE BY:Phil Lehmann

The Hippocrocopig inhabited central Australia for thousands of years before European settlers hunted it to extinction. This was mainly out of fear, but it also tasted a bit like chicken and was relatively easy prey compared to the Kangaroos and Drop Bears that lived alongside it. It shared its intelligence with distant Swine cousins whilst its Crocodile and Hippopotamus ancestors gave it speed and surprising agility without thankfully the ability to death roll.

​In the same way that nature has taken the best of these three creatures to perfect the Hippocrocopig, ​this wine combines the bright fruit and structure of Cabernet Sauvignon, with the soft palate of Mataro and the generosity of the Aragonez grape variety, to make a medium bodied yet densely
​fl​avoured red. Blending not only makes more interesting creatures, it also makes better wine. ​