The Usual Suspects Collective / Bunnelope Riesling Traminer Sauvignon Blanc

Bunnelope Riesling Traminer Sauvignon Blanc

2018 / Riesling Traminer Sauvignon Blanc / South Australia

Before the ice age, Bunnelopes flourished on most continents. Doe-like in nature and known to be ‘pretty slow for such a fast animal’, the easiest way to catch them was to wait until burrowing time in the evening when they would get their antlers stuck.

Just as nature took the best of the Rabbit and Antelope to perfect this creature, this wine take the classic flavour profile expected of the Riesling grape variety, but with a tad more body, flavour and softness to the mid palate from the Traminer component. The Sauvignon Blanc adds fruit and an aromatic lift to this elegant and gorgeously flavoured crisp, dry white.Blending not only makes more interesting creatures, it also makes better wine.